Watch Your Babysitters, House Sitters, Pets, etc., From Wherever You Are

Home AutomationAs parents, we all want the reassurance of knowing that our children are well cared for in our absence.  Or, perhaps, we need to know that our teen is home safe and not hosting an unauthorized party while we are on that business trip.   Or we are guilt-ridden about leaving our pet all day and would feel so much better if we could “check-in” on Rover or Spot.

Now we can do all of the above and more, at a surprisingly low cost.  We can install cameras that you can access on the internet to check in at your home (or business!) at anytime from anywhere.

From your desk, you can check to be sure your baby is not being left to cry all day while your babysitter watches movies.  You can check to make sure your teenage daughter arrived home safely from school or from work, and you can see that Rover is being fed on time by your neighbor while you are away on business.

 We urge you to call our office at 718 698-8244, explain your specific needs or concerns, and ask us to provide a solution via APB’s technology.   The peace of mind is priceless!


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