Lighting Controls

Custom control of the lighting in and around your home not only increases your home’s level of security but also helps save money while simplifying everyday life. Here are a few of the dynamic features that we offer with controlled lighting:

  • Indoor and outdoor lights can be scheduled to illuminate your home from the evening hours until dawn.  A consistent lighting cycle makes your home less vulnerable to theft during times when you’re away
  • Save energy by having indoor lights turn off after a set period of time where nobody is occupying a room or area
  • Brighten dark rooms or hallways without ever touching a switch. Motion sensor lighting will eliminate the late night routine of fumbling around for a light switch
  • Program indoor lighting to come on upon your arrival home
  • Lower your electric bill by setting your lighting to a maximum of 80%.  You won’t see decreased lighting but the amount of money you’ll save will be very apparent
  • One touch from a household remote can extinguish all lights at once at bed time.  This feature eliminates the need to turn off lights individually and also offers the option of keeping certain lights at 10% efficiency if dim lighting is desired.
  • Custom program our portable remotes to simplify your life around the house.  Turn on flood lights, the pool filter, Christmas lights or anything else with our hand held remote controls.


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