Security, comfort, energy efficiency and savings on utility bills are all perks of home automation but the real fun is in our various entertainment features.  With simple installations, you can enjoy the highlights below plus much more!

Multiple Room Sound Systems

            • Listen to music from a multitude of sources including your i-pod/ mp3 player, radio, streaming music providers, internal hard drive or computer
            • Play Sinatra in the kitchen, classical rock in the living room and R&B in the teenager’s room.  With our custom options, you and everyone else in your home can simultaneously enjoy their individual choices of music
            • Enjoy 4.5 million song choices through registration with Rhapsody (A Rhapsody membership costs a minimal fee)
            • Begin your mornings on the right side of the bed as your favorite music selection will gently wake you to the scent of your favorite coffee being brewed.

Television and Movies

          • Investing in a household distributed installation system will allow you and others to watch TV programs through your satellite dish, DVD player and any other media source on any television in your home.
          • Effortless operation of the system can be conducted through wall based control panels or hand-held remotes
          • Compete with family members on a centralized gaming system.  Play xBox, Nintendo and several other systems in the same room or separate rooms throughout the house.  Because everything is connected, you can play all your favorite games from any TV monitor in the home.

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