Successful Theft From A Colleague’s

For two years, a staff member had a trusted, long term, "friend of the family" babysitter watching her 10 year old son for a few hours after school. The baby sitter was reliable, always on time, was an honors student at a local high school, came from a family with caring, involved parents, and got along well with the son.

Then her husband told her that cash he had put in the envelope in a bedroom drawer was missing.  She told her husband that he must have put it somewhere else… saying that he didn't remember to bring home milk, so he probably didn't remember putting the envelope somewhere else. He said he would definitely remember where he put an envelope with $1,200 in it.

Only the babysitter had access to the home, but she insisted that he could not have possibly taken the money. Our firm set up two hidden cameras with a recorder in their home, and the very next night, our staff member watched the screen in horror as the babysitter rummaged through clothes pockets in drawers and closets, stuffing his pockets with whatever cash he found.

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