Ruby Slippers

ruby slippersSunday, March 1st at 2:05 a.m at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel a replica of the Ruby Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” were stolen from their glass display case. According to, the slippers were snatched by a trio on March 1st at 2 a.m. The owner of the hotel, Richard Nicotra had a security system which was used to identify the suspects and bring the slippers back home. With the theft, Mr. Nicotra wanted to insure the security of the slippers and the other art in his hotel and hired APB security to come up with a solution. Now, the slippers are safe and sound in a glass case that is equipped with an alarm. If anyone comes in contact with the case, this high-tech alarm will trigger a camera that is placed directly over the case and will send footage directly to Nicotra’s cell phone. The hotel was previously equipped with 50 cameras, APB has now installed over 100 cameras throughout the hotel to secure all the valuables. The photos that were taken from the security cameras and posted throughout the media played an intricate role in getting the slippers back. APB Security has provided an improved security solution for The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

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