On Halloween 2015

200halloSerious Criminal Activity at its Highest During Peak Trick-or-Treat Hours (6 pm to 8 pm)

Imagine if criminals (burglars, robbers & rapists) could walk around your neighborhood in disguise, making them unrecognizable to anyone including a security camera. In addition, if they ring your doorbell, it is very likely that you would simply open your door without the least bit of concern.

Statistics verify that serious criminal activity is at its highest during peak trick-or-treat hours (6 pm to 8 pm) on Halloween.

Other than ignoring the tradition by not answering the doorbell (which in itself may lead a burglar to conclude that no one is home), we suggest the following precautions:

  1. Post a sign indicating that you welcome trick or treaters only until 6 pm. By then, most children should have had ample time to visit and you have at least shown some traditional spirit.

  2. Do not open the door to anyone who is clearly not a child or with a child. (Even then, you’re not completely secure, since adult criminals have been known to bring a child with them.)

  3. Be even more vigilant if your home is isolated, as criminals prefer an isolated target.

  4. Carry a portable “panic button”, which is available with most home alarm systems. Pressing it should emit a loud audible sound, and it should be monitored by a central station monitoring facility. In most cases, the criminal will flee in search of an easier target.

While we are sorry to put a damper on such a fun event, we are hoping that this information will help prevent another sad statistic by keeping at least one family safer during the “witching” hours.

Call us for information about our portable “panic” buttons!!

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