Wireless Security

AES – IntelliNet

Can criminals cut the most important link in your security chain?

Every link in the chain is important: your protection is assured only when all links are established. AES-IntelliNet is a radio communications network that links your alarm system to the central monitoring station without wires or telephone lines.

Why do I need Wireless Monitoring?

Telephone lines are widely used to link alarms systems to the central station – and the criminals know it. Burglars now routinely cut the telephones lines to homes, businesses – even whole neighborhoods – before breaking in. Plus, the telephone system itself is susceptible to problems caused by weather, accidents, equipment failures, and natural disasters.

Why is AES – IntelliNet the BEST?

First, because this system uses radio to link your alarm to the central alarm station, there are no outside wires to cut or fail. It's better than telephone systems which are subject to criminal tampering, not to mention problems caused by weather and equipment failures.

Second, AES – IntelliNet is a 2-way radio network. Every alarm message is confirmed by the receiver, or the message is repeated until it gets through – an important safety feature. It's far more reliable than a 1-way radio system, which can only transmit the alarm message was received.

Third, AES – IntelliNet uses new patented, "smart" routing technology to ensure that your alarm message gets through. As a subscriber in the wireless communications system, your critical alarm messages have as many as 7 alternative paths to reach the central station. In contrast, a telephone line provides only a single path. If that single path fails for any reason, the link fails. AES – IntelliNet's smart routing technology ensures delivery of your alarm message by the best path available.

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