APB Security Systems, Inc. has become known throughout the industry as school security specialists. We have performed extensive installations and repairs on:

  1. security systems
  2. access control systems
  3. video surveillance systems
  4. and fire alarms

in schools throughout the NY metropolitan area. We:

  • were chosen by the NYC Department of Education to install and repair security systems and to monitor fire alarms in over 400 schools.
  • have a proven history of performing complex installations in schools with minimal disruption to class routine and with herculean efforts to keep students and faculty safe.
  • perform thorough inspections and security evaluations at schools, providing specific recommendations on protecting computer and laboratory equipment, perimeter protection, and prevention and deterrence of violence and vandalism within the buildings and on school grounds.
  • conduct presentations on child safety and security geared for both child audiences and for parent/teacher meetings.

Call us today to minimize the chances of your school, your students and your faculty being victimized by criminal acts.

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