Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that our 24-hour monitoring facility can watch, communicate with, and report verified situations to authorities, should criminals strike your business.

  • Detection
  • Verification
  • Notification

Burglary – Graffiti – Vulnerable Employees

Our highly trained staff, using remote video and two-way voice, can challenge a burglar, chase away graffiti artists, or “stay” with a lone employee who feels threatened. We can also randomly check on your premises and notify law enforcement authorities of any perceived criminal actions or attempts.

We render valuable assistance in the identification, apprehension and conviction of burglars, robbers and vandals by supplying recorded videos to authorities.

We provide expert design, custom installation, service and/or monitoring of:

  • Custom security systems, addressing the specific risks at each business we protect.
  • Commercial surveillance systems for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Remote video monitoring with 2-way voice — our central station staff can “stay” with your employee who feels threatened or verbally “chase” a vandal from your property.
  • Access control systems tailored to your specific needs.
  • Telephone and intercom systems.
  • AES wireless 2-way radio monitoring of alarm systems, eliminating the need for a phone line and protecting your premises even if phone lines are cut or disabled.
  • 24 hour remote access facility management.
  • Hosted or Managed Card Access Systems.
  • Fire Alarm Installations.
  • Elevator Alarms and monitoring.
  • Video Doorman.

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We also publish a quarterly newsletter with helpful information on security and life safety issues which face our families at home and away.

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