APB Security Systems, Inc. is a family-owned and operated, professional, full-service alarm and automation company…

  • in business since 1977
  • with over 5,000 satisfied residential and commercial customers.
  • providing expert design, installation and service of a wide range of security, surveillance and automation systems.
  • providing professional, efficient and courteous monitoring at a central station located right here in the NYC metro area, staffed by operators familiar with our city's streets and towns.
  • which publishes a quarterly newsletter addressing the latest criminal trends and ways to keep families and businesses safe from common risks and disasters.
  • which provides a reliable, 2-way radio network (AES) to make sure your signal reaches our central station even if your phone lines are cut or disabled.
  • with technicians specifically trained to work with minimal disruption to the homes and businesses of clients.
  • where phones are actually answered by a PERSON during business hours.
  • where customers can easily reach the firm’s owner with concerns and/or questions.

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